Meeker II Gas Plant

Located above the gas rich 'tight sands' of the 6,000 square mile Colorado Piceance Basin, the Meeker production complex, which is owned by Enterprise, was the largest gas processing plant under construction in the United States at the time.


We fondly remembers Meeker as our first opportunity to utilize the (at the time) new to us CADWorx design software in our major capital projects.

Gas Liquids Engineering as the design subcontractors for the project were brought on by Propak Systems Ltd. (see also: We understood the original brief was to take the 1000 foot four level main pipe rack from Meeker Phase I and modify it for use in Meeker II, and to update the existing Meeker I designs that were previously done in 2D. Although there was no mention of doing the work in 3D, it was obvious to us that the layout for this vital main artery of Meeker II, with its hundreds of interconnections, could be done more accurately and efficiently in 3D, even if the eventual deliverables were in 2D.

By developing a fully interactive 3D model, using CADWorx Plant Professional, GLE was able to conduct weekly reviews of the design to date between our designers, engineers, and the customer. The 3D benefits became evident during the review process, when we were able to show Enterprise areas where they thought design, process and construction savings could be made.

In seeing the value and potential of the 3D model, Enterprise and Propak made the bold decision to let us model the entire project in 3D and also redesign portions, if deemed necessary. This increase in scope for gave us company 85% of the project which added 140 pieces of equipment, 13 skidded units, two million tons of steel, and 2,000 fabrication piping isometrics to their work load.

According to data from the facility owner, Enterprise estimated the second phase of the Meeker facility would double the plant's gas processing capacity to 1.5 billion cubic feet per day, and 70,000 barrels per day of natural gas liquids (NGL) such as Pentane, Ethane, Propane, Isobutane, Butane and Condensate.

Our team is in the business of turning vision into reality for our customers.


Meeker II went onstream in March, 2009 and has a current processing capacity of 1.8 BCF/d

More photos:

Fly-through video (State of the art at the time - technology has certainly come a long way in the last ten years!)