Health, Safety and Environment

“Engineering a Healthy, Safe Work Environment”

Aldraft is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors, customers, and to protecting the public and the community. As part of this commitment, our goal is to maintain a safety record of zero recordable incidents.

To achieve this, Aldraft will make every reasonable effort to comply with government legislation and client’s policies and procedures. We encourage all participants to work safely through education, communication and participation.

Management and supervisors will set an example and provide leadership in all aspects of the company’s health, Safety and Environment (HSE) program. Management will set a health and safety policy, work procedures and provide proper equipment and training.

Employees and sub-contractors at every level are responsible for their own health and safety performance in addition to taking actions needed to protect those around them. All managers, supervisor, employees and sub-contractors are required to comply with Aldraft’s HSE program.

Participation and dedication by everyone, every day and in every job, is necessary for safety excellence to be achieved.

On Site

Every Aldraft employee has a minimum of the following safety tickets/training:

  • H2S
  • First Aid

and will arrive on site with a complete PPE:

  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Glasses
  • Fire Retardant Coveralls
  • CSA-Approved Steel Toe Boots
  • H2S Monitor (bump tested prior to leaving for site)